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I should let me phone to the walking more often…

So I have this thing against calling stores to ask if they have something. I spend hours of time and energy looking through stores because I am pretty much unwilling to ask if they have something or where. Well, those days may be over my friend. I just called all the grocery store in town to see if they carried something that was a bit unusual. I still could to go to two stores to figure out price v. quantity, but I already have the comparisons from the others stores, AND I know where they are at (so it should only take me a minute at each place). Or I could just skip it with the basic knowledge that the one store is always cheaper than the other.

And now I still have all day to do the other things I needed to get done this weekend!

I think I am converted…


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Bellies and Thanksgiving giddiness.

I’ve been having a good week. Exhausted beyond function most days, but good. I discovered that the baby has probably grown almost 2 inches in the last 2-3 weeks. That would explain why I can’t get enough to eat, and why I could sleep at any point during the day. And do, might I add.

I also discovered that I’m not eating enough. In the first trimester you are suppose you increase you calorie intake by about 200 a day. Throughout the second and third trimesters you are suppose to eat a solid 300 more calories a day. I figured it out yesterday and I apparently stayed even or dropped calories during the first trimester because I wasn’t hungry and my stomach would only accommodation half a meal at a time without making me feel like crap for 2 or more hours. And I had been thinking I was doing good because I was eating more frequently. And now that I really am suppose to be eating that 300 calories I am finding it hard to accomplish. I get really hungry, but there aren’t a lot of things I like to eat, and sadly most of that is fruit or breads. Protein is a daily battle for me (one that I am fighting with peanut butter =) ). I found a new snack the other day via a fellow preggo that I hadn’t even though of. Apples slices dipped in peanut butter. A-freaking-mazing!!! If I use gobs of peanut butter that alone should bring me up to the proper level, and I will love doing it!

In the mean time, my belly doesn’t seem to have any issues growing. I am still hanging steady at my pre-preggo weight, but I am hoping to start gaining around 1lb a week.

I don't even know why it's so huge already.

The baby is only 3-4 inches long at this point. What the heck is the rest of this I ask you?

I am incredibly giddy about Thanksgiving as well. I can not wait for my company to show up and for us to cook, eat, and laugh all day! It’s making me all twittery inside just planning and preparing for their arrival.


So much yumminess to come.


Out with the old, in with the new-ish.

Our Jeep finally quit. Well, it didn’t so much quit as cost so much to repair that we were better off buying a new vehicle.
At first we were just planning on picking up a work truck or SUV type to replace it, but we found the market completely lacking in any choices at all up here in IF.
We looked online and found quite a few options in the Boise area, not shocking since it’s a good 10 or 15 times larger. The best surprise of all was to show up just as an older Cadillac, only one owner, and few miles on it, was rolling out to the parking lot. We were able to pay cash for it, and walked off the lot with a car my husbands loves.

We didn’t stay in town long, and didn’t get to see many people. But it was nice to see my sister and her little ones, and we’ve decided we are coming back in February for a baby shower, and that means I get to see LOTS of people that I love!!!

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My version of minimalism. Or The Minimal-ish.

I’ve been working on purging stuff for about 3 years now… Yes I know that’s a long time to be working on the same project. In my defense I’ve really only become serious about it in the last year or so. =)

My first phase of minimizing was to get rid of all the stuff I had from my childhood. And let me tell you, I had a lot. I had toys, blankets, dishes, and stuffed animals.  I was shocked one day when I sat down and looked at all the crap I had from over 20 years ago. It was freeing to purge and it created an entire new space in my room! And it was nice to not hang on to things that I would never have a use for anymore, and that were to old and warn out to be enjoyed by another.

I flirted with it a bit after that, but I didn’t really get rid of much again until I went through my closet about a year ago. I was tired of trying to get dressed, and not liking any of the clothes in my closet. Every time I would try to put together an outfit I would find something that didn’t fit right or didn’t look right on me. I got rid of close to 50 percent of my clothing at that point (Considering I was only filling up 1/2 of a closet at that time, it was quite a hit). I really expected to want to buy more so I would have enough to wear. Surprisingly I found it was easier to get dressed, and I LIKED my clothes more since I didn’t have all the “Almost something good” pieces sitting there for me to add into the mix. Even as pieces ware out I am still doing pretty well (aside from my protruding stomach), and I’ve only purchased 4 or 5 items of clothing in the last 2 years.

After that it was a serious reduction the the crafts and craft supplies I had lying around. So much of it was things, like my clothing, that just weren’t quite right, or things I knew I would never take the time to actually do. My next big push has been to get rid of things around the house (Oddly enough, this phase started AFTER we moved this year. Perhaps I am trying to avoid having to move everything again =). I’ve gotten rid of trinkets and decorations, books and even a few of my meager kitchen supplies, because I don’t really like them. I currently have a pile of stuff on my living room floor, and 2 big totes of trinkets upstairs waiting to be donated, or sold. And it feels good!!!

I found this little note via Pinterest and I think it sums up how I feel about my house quite nicely:

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