Ironically posted after the “No more sewing” post.

Here are a couple projects I had done before the end of the year.

Both people must forgive me for the delay in getting their gifts to them. I was a zombie for about three months there, and then I was working tons (almost full time. Don’t judge…)

But they are done now and have been sent off!

The first is a purse I made my my D.F. The Debsters. She picked out the material for this awesomely classy and fun clam-shell purse.  And now I sorta want one for myself.

She chose to line it with awesomeness as well:

How cute are these flowers!

The other project was for my cousin.

She just had her first baby, and wanted his room done up African style.

I personally think this is the cutest Giraffe print ever:

It's very soft and snuggley.

Bumper pad, pillow, and blanket.

And last but not least, these are the hats I made for my little one.

This one is a newborn size, so we will keep his head warm, and have dino spikes to boot!

This one should be big enough for him to wear this coming fall. Nothing like planning ahead! And I really felt like we needed more dinosaurs going on here. =)

  1. #1 by Amanda Patchin on February 11, 2012 - 2:26 pm

    There is so much win in this post. Especially the dino – caps!

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