I wanna buy new clothes.

My wardrobe is in sad shape. And by sad shape I mean SAD SHAPE. It’s about 2 years over due for an overhaul, and the future is not looking bright for it. I have practically nothing that doesn’t look and feel like it’s falling apart, and non of it matches or is the style I like now.
I had talked to husband about doing a serious revamp once I got a job, and he thought it was a great idea. Unfortunately the job didn’t happen until I was already preggo, so there really is little sense in buying new clothes now.

And so my wardrobe sits. Horribly warn and full of holes. I removed all of the unwanted clothing from  my closet because I just didn’t want to see it anymore, (I chose not to throw it out just yet, since I will have an awkward phase after baby and before I will be able to wear my favorites again.) but it practically left me with nothing.

Instead of actually buying the clothes, I’ve been Pinning a board with the style and cuts I want. This way I will be able to find the things that I like, but won’t be spending money on things I won’t be able to wear anyway!

I especially like this one:

And I can’t wait to add some sweater dresses. Like this:

I have seriously been considering buying the shoes I want before I am done. I figure those don’t change sizes like the rest of me is. What do you think?

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