I live!

It’s been a long absence from my blog, but I am attempting a come back now!
My little one is currently trying to take a nap in his bouncy chair. I say trying because he is not a fan of having to sleep by himself, but he is so tired that he is doing it anyway. And I am taking a few moments to work on my latest project with BOTH hands ;), a rare treat for me!
I am loving motherhood! Babies are awesome (and exhausting). I love watching baby Drake figure things out (even when it’s him figuring out how to make me hold him all day and all night. My child? Yes, yes he is.). It’s amazing to see them becoming whole people, watch him try to communicate with me, and get to see him smile for the first time. The other day he started trying to talk back to me when I was playing with him. He worked pretty hard to get those noises out!

Surprised baby is surprised!

  1. #1 by OneFitMom on November 13, 2012 - 2:05 pm

    My friends named their baby Drake as well! What a cutie he is 🙂

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