Thanks to Lala I have been re-computered! And it’s fabulous.

You can’t write a blog post on an Ipod, turns out.

So what have I been doing you ask? Well, we are very blessed to have lots of vacation time in our lives. We were able to go to California when Drake was a couple months old and see family, whilest relaxing in warm SoCal. It’s was delightful. We also spent some time on the Oregon coast this fall. The husband and I have decided we want to live by the ocean. It’s so wonderfully peaceful there. We would get up and eat breakfast, then go for a nice long walk on the beach while Drake took his first nap in the Moby wrap while mom carried him. Delightful for all!

Drake has been a total trouper about all the traveling. He gets tired of being in the car, but he has put up with lots of missed naps and driving hours after his bed time.

Here are some pictures of our fantastic adventures!

First trip to Disneyland!

First trip to Disneyland!

He basically napped the whole time, but he would wake occasionally and look at all the bright colors. My dear friend Mollie says Drake is crazy spoiled since he got to go to Disneyland at just two and a half months. =)

The whole family on the beautiful Oregon coast!

The whole family on the beautiful Oregon coast!

He loves the Moby Wrap more than anything! Nothing like being snuggled while mom and dad explore!

In the evening we would walk along the beach and pick up these little guys. We frequently found live ones as well, which are amazing!

Our Sea Stars collection!

Our Sea Stars collection!

All in all it was pretty fun Summer! Course, the two of us are excited about just about anything we get to do with our little man. =)

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