Christmas and Craftiness

I have been crafting up a storm over here! But you can’t see any of it until AFTER CHRISTMAS.
I am very excited to announce that 90% of my presents are homemade this year! I really think that is a record for me!
I have always loved making gifts, but since expanding the kinds of crafts I do, I have been able to practically eliminate store bought gifts.
I dearly love giving presents, and by making most of them I have been able to keep my cost lower, and thusly, give more.

There are some Dragon’s involved, and other crochet items, and my first attempts at homemade ornaments! I am making three different kinds, and I am very excited about them all.

Prior to Christmas gift making I did start working an making a few pairs of pants for myself. My favorite slacks were biting the dust, so I took them apart and used them as a pattern for some new ones!

All pinned and read to cut!

All pinned and read to cut!

I was quite displeased with the first ones I made (pictured here), but the second ones turned out alright and I wear them regularly. I have two more that I want to make, then I will show you the progression. All in all I think it’s going to be great for me. I have a very hard time finding slacks that I like, and now I can makeĀ indefinite pairs that should fit perfectly.

I really need to find some more awesome plaid to make another pair like the originals though. I loved my funky pants!

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