A New Hat for the Little Man!

I must once again apologize for an extraordinarily long absence on my part from the blogging world. To be perfectly honest I have been absent from a lot of things. I have spent a lot more time napping with this pregnancy, and when I am not napping I am usually taking care of my little man, or working. There is very little time or energy left over for anything else.

I have been feeling better the last couple weeks. I even started doing the dishes regularly again! Also, cooking and cleaning, and not falling immediately into a sleep of the dead when my son lays down for naps! Who knows when the zombie naps will return, so I have to take advantage while I can. I have been sewing like mad catching up on planned projects for Christmas, birthdays, and (mostly) for my little ones!

Here is a hat I finished this morning after breakfast:

Rocks in hand!

Rocks in hand!

Little man is now saying “hat” very clearly. He also says “hots” which is Drake-speak for socks. But that’s another post.

Look at those kissable cheeks!

Look at those kissable cheeks!

I am making a hat for baby sister as well, and will be posting that soon!

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