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Changing Interests.

So, you all know I have sewn a LOT over the last few years. I spend hundreds of hours building up inventory. And many more doing side projects or repairs. But I’m over it now.

I can reason it out and realize it probably has a lot to do with the fact that I have a not so great sewing machine (and NO serger, which I kinda needed…a lot…), up until a few months ago had a complete lack of a sewing room, and I spent much of my time sewing things that were pretty, but frustrating, and never really turned a profit for me.

But really, I just don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t hate it, but I am getting pretty darn close to it. So I think I will quite while I am ahead.

I’ve never liked the idea of just making stuff to make stuff, but I really need to have an outlet where I can create things and enjoy it. Believe me, no one likes my “I don’t want to wash another stupid dish, I want to make something PRETTY” face.

It looks something like this.

So I am currently looking for other options of what I can make that doesn’t involve ironing or threading.

So far the contenders are:

~Making my own sweaters (this is ridiculously fun to me)

~Figuring out how to put dinosaurs on every single piece of clothing my child gets

~Homemade Christmas decorations for next year (I have some awesome ones in the line up!)

~Rock cutting/jewelry making/rock polishing (this has to wait for summer so I can go find pretty ones)

Things that were cut from the list because of time, space, and financial impact:

~Glass blowing (how awesome is that!)

~Pottery making (I could make my own dishes people)

~Becoming a painter (Not an artist, never will be. But I could make pretty pictures!)

So I won’t be completely destitute of activities to keep me entertained! It is sort of strange to leave the sewing behind. I have done it for so long, and it was a such huge part of my life. But we need a break from each other. Perhaps when we have had a year or two apart I will miss it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?




My version of minimalism. Or The Minimal-ish.

I’ve been working on purging stuff for about 3 years now… Yes I know that’s a long time to be working on the same project. In my defense I’ve really only become serious about it in the last year or so. =)

My first phase of minimizing was to get rid of all the stuff I had from my childhood. And let me tell you, I had a lot. I had toys, blankets, dishes, and stuffed animals.  I was shocked one day when I sat down and looked at all the crap I had from over 20 years ago. It was freeing to purge and it created an entire new space in my room! And it was nice to not hang on to things that I would never have a use for anymore, and that were to old and warn out to be enjoyed by another.

I flirted with it a bit after that, but I didn’t really get rid of much again until I went through my closet about a year ago. I was tired of trying to get dressed, and not liking any of the clothes in my closet. Every time I would try to put together an outfit I would find something that didn’t fit right or didn’t look right on me. I got rid of close to 50 percent of my clothing at that point (Considering I was only filling up 1/2 of a closet at that time, it was quite a hit). I really expected to want to buy more so I would have enough to wear. Surprisingly I found it was easier to get dressed, and I LIKED my clothes more since I didn’t have all the “Almost something good” pieces sitting there for me to add into the mix. Even as pieces ware out I am still doing pretty well (aside from my protruding stomach), and I’ve only purchased 4 or 5 items of clothing in the last 2 years.

After that it was a serious reduction the the crafts and craft supplies I had lying around. So much of it was things, like my clothing, that just weren’t quite right, or things I knew I would never take the time to actually do. My next big push has been to get rid of things around the house (Oddly enough, this phase started AFTER we moved this year. Perhaps I am trying to avoid having to move everything again =). I’ve gotten rid of trinkets and decorations, books and even a few of my meager kitchen supplies, because I don’t really like them. I currently have a pile of stuff on my living room floor, and 2 big totes of trinkets upstairs waiting to be donated, or sold. And it feels good!!!

I found this little note via Pinterest and I think it sums up how I feel about my house quite nicely:

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