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Dino Spike hat for my little lady! (And a long awaited belly shot)

 I have been wanting to do a dinosaur hat for a little girl for a long time now!

One of the first things I got excited about when we found out we were having a girl this time was fulfilling that dream!
photo (7)
photo (20)
And for the BIG photo! (wags eyebrows)
I finally got around to taking a shot of my belly for you all!

photo (25)

29 weeks, for those of you who care =)

Around 7 months for those who don’t!

I feel alright most of the time, but bending over has been harder with this one. Or it could be I am just more aware of it since I am either picking up a toddler, or picking up after a toddler most of the time…
I was definitely less queasy in the first trimester with this one. Hardly any food aversions aside from the ones I normally have =) I do pretty much just want to sit around and eat candy most days though. I fight it, but Halloween season is NOT helping me out. The giant bowl of candy calls to me!


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A Pretty Peachy Dress

I found this gorgeous baby girl dress ages ago, but it is still the prettiest one I have ever seen (in my humble opinion). It’s the skirt. So fluffy and soft and folding in on it’s self! Eek! I can’t handle the adorableness!
It’s to long to wait for the little model to get here, so my dress won’t be quite as adorable. But you can imagine, right?

photo (28)
photo (25)

It didn’t take me a very long time to make, but I was surprised at how much material goes into the last few rows on the skirt. Half the yarn is taken up by the last 6-8 rows! It’s crazy.
But worth every second! I am very happy with the results.
Now to get the little lady here so she can wear it…

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A New Hat for the Little Man!

I must once again apologize for an extraordinarily long absence on my part from the blogging world. To be perfectly honest I have been absent from a lot of things. I have spent a lot more time napping with this pregnancy, and when I am not napping I am usually taking care of my little man, or working. There is very little time or energy left over for anything else.

I have been feeling better the last couple weeks. I even started doing the dishes regularly again! Also, cooking and cleaning, and not falling immediately into a sleep of the dead when my son lays down for naps! Who knows when the zombie naps will return, so I have to take advantage while I can. I have been sewing like mad catching up on planned projects for Christmas, birthdays, and (mostly) for my little ones!

Here is a hat I finished this morning after breakfast:

Rocks in hand!

Rocks in hand!

Little man is now saying “hat” very clearly. He also says “hots” which is Drake-speak for socks. But that’s another post.

Look at those kissable cheeks!

Look at those kissable cheeks!

I am making a hat for baby sister as well, and will be posting that soon!

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Ironically posted after the “No more sewing” post.

Here are a couple projects I had done before the end of the year.

Both people must forgive me for the delay in getting their gifts to them. I was a zombie for about three months there, and then I was working tons (almost full time. Don’t judge…)

But they are done now and have been sent off!

The first is a purse I made my my D.F. The Debsters. She picked out the material for this awesomely classy and fun clam-shell purse.  And now I sorta want one for myself.

She chose to line it with awesomeness as well:

How cute are these flowers!

The other project was for my cousin.

She just had her first baby, and wanted his room done up African style.

I personally think this is the cutest Giraffe print ever:

It's very soft and snuggley.

Bumper pad, pillow, and blanket.

And last but not least, these are the hats I made for my little one.

This one is a newborn size, so we will keep his head warm, and have dino spikes to boot!

This one should be big enough for him to wear this coming fall. Nothing like planning ahead! And I really felt like we needed more dinosaurs going on here. =)

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Changing Interests.

So, you all know I have sewn a LOT over the last few years. I spend hundreds of hours building up inventory. And many more doing side projects or repairs. But I’m over it now.

I can reason it out and realize it probably has a lot to do with the fact that I have a not so great sewing machine (and NO serger, which I kinda needed…a lot…), up until a few months ago had a complete lack of a sewing room, and I spent much of my time sewing things that were pretty, but frustrating, and never really turned a profit for me.

But really, I just don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t hate it, but I am getting pretty darn close to it. So I think I will quite while I am ahead.

I’ve never liked the idea of just making stuff to make stuff, but I really need to have an outlet where I can create things and enjoy it. Believe me, no one likes my “I don’t want to wash another stupid dish, I want to make something PRETTY” face.

It looks something like this.

So I am currently looking for other options of what I can make that doesn’t involve ironing or threading.

So far the contenders are:

~Making my own sweaters (this is ridiculously fun to me)

~Figuring out how to put dinosaurs on every single piece of clothing my child gets

~Homemade Christmas decorations for next year (I have some awesome ones in the line up!)

~Rock cutting/jewelry making/rock polishing (this has to wait for summer so I can go find pretty ones)

Things that were cut from the list because of time, space, and financial impact:

~Glass blowing (how awesome is that!)

~Pottery making (I could make my own dishes people)

~Becoming a painter (Not an artist, never will be. But I could make pretty pictures!)

So I won’t be completely destitute of activities to keep me entertained! It is sort of strange to leave the sewing behind. I have done it for so long, and it was a such huge part of my life. But we need a break from each other. Perhaps when we have had a year or two apart I will miss it. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?



Rachel’s dress.

For my sisters birthday this year, I made her an infinity dress. I hadn’t even heard of them until a few days ago when I was surfing Pinterest and found the tutorial.
It was awesome, amazingly easy, and so fast to make. Don’t get me wrong, I love sewing. But sometimes it’s nice to get immediate results like this. Plus it was a total of two seams to run, and the dress is really cute.
Here is a photo from the tutorial I found:

I made her’s in a dark forest green, and it turned out lovely.

You can go here for complete directions on how to make them: