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Thanks to Lala I have been re-computered! And it’s fabulous.

You can’t write a blog post on an Ipod, turns out.

So what have I been doing you ask? Well, we are very blessed to have lots of vacation time in our lives. We were able to go to California when Drake was a couple months old and see family, whilest relaxing in warm SoCal. It’s was delightful. We also spent some time on the Oregon coast this fall. The husband and I have decided we want to live by the ocean. It’s so wonderfully peaceful there. We would get up and eat breakfast, then go for a nice long walk on the beach while Drake took his first nap in the Moby wrap while mom carried him. Delightful for all!

Drake has been a total trouper about all the traveling. He gets tired of being in the car, but he has put up with lots of missed naps and driving hours after his bed time.

Here are some pictures of our fantastic adventures!

First trip to Disneyland!

First trip to Disneyland!

He basically napped the whole time, but he would wake occasionally and look at all the bright colors. My dear friend Mollie says Drake is crazy spoiled since he got to go to Disneyland at just two and a half months. =)

The whole family on the beautiful Oregon coast!

The whole family on the beautiful Oregon coast!

He loves the Moby Wrap more than anything! Nothing like being snuggled while mom and dad explore!

In the evening we would walk along the beach and pick up these little guys. We frequently found live ones as well, which are amazing!

Our Sea Stars collection!

Our Sea Stars collection!

All in all it was pretty fun Summer! Course, the two of us are excited about just about anything we get to do with our little man. =)


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Bellies and Thanksgiving giddiness.

I’ve been having a good week. Exhausted beyond function most days, but good. I discovered that the baby has probably grown almost 2 inches in the last 2-3 weeks. That would explain why I can’t get enough to eat, and why I could sleep at any point during the day. And do, might I add.

I also discovered that I’m not eating enough. In the first trimester you are suppose you increase you calorie intake by about 200 a day. Throughout the second and third trimesters you are suppose to eat a solid 300 more calories a day. I figured it out yesterday and I apparently stayed even or dropped calories during the first trimester because I wasn’t hungry and my stomach would only accommodation half a meal at a time without making me feel like crap for 2 or more hours. And I had been thinking I was doing good because I was eating more frequently. And now that I really am suppose to be eating that 300 calories I am finding it hard to accomplish. I get really hungry, but there aren’t a lot of things I like to eat, and sadly most of that is fruit or breads. Protein is a daily battle for me (one that I am fighting with peanut butter =) ). I found a new snack the other day via a fellow preggo that I hadn’t even though of. Apples slices dipped in peanut butter. A-freaking-mazing!!! If I use gobs of peanut butter that alone should bring me up to the proper level, and I will love doing it!

In the mean time, my belly doesn’t seem to have any issues growing. I am still hanging steady at my pre-preggo weight, but I am hoping to start gaining around 1lb a week.

I don't even know why it's so huge already.

The baby is only 3-4 inches long at this point. What the heck is the rest of this I ask you?

I am incredibly giddy about Thanksgiving as well. I can not wait for my company to show up and for us to cook, eat, and laugh all day! It’s making me all twittery inside just planning and preparing for their arrival.


So much yumminess to come.


I’m doin’ the happy dance!

This is me right now 

I am done with my second job!!! SQUEE!!!

I celebrated my first day off in weeks by making homemade chili, and picking apples for canning. I also washed my dishes and did the laundry JUST because I could. It was so nice to be home and not have to leave. And being able to end it by eating a home cooked meal was the icing on the cake. I missed good food!

I am very excited for this up and coming weekend when I will have 3 or 4 days off and really be able to get caught up around here. There will be some presents mailed, and some cookies made! Booyah!

And so in parting,

I had to buy new pants finally.

Just to much belly now.

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Just a funny.

My friend over at sent this to me yesterday, and I thought I should share it.

Anyway, it’s another 4 days before I have a day off, and it will only be my second day off since I got my jobs over a month ago (The other one was spent at the Dr. not being able to eat all day and having my blood taken by a bunch of vampires).

But, a week from today will be my last at my other job, and I will have 3 days off a week! Perhaps I will get my projects going again, and maybe even make dinner (There has been a serious lack of good food around this place, and I can’t wait to remedy it)!  I found this awesome blog: I’m not sure if I love the name more or some of the food they come up with.

Until next time!!!

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All work and no play.

I’m afraid it’s been a very busy week and a half. I’ve worked everyday since I started, and I’m not sure if there will be an end in sight.
Aside from being tired at the end of the day =), it’s really been quite enjoyable. I’m working early mornings again, but the job is interesting and I’m up and moving around (which helps me stay awake). I also have a very nice boss and some fun co-workers who immediately included me.
The down side is, I have no energy to do even little tasks when I get home. So grocery shopping and other errands will just have to wait for another day. Possibly one I don’t work.
I had to purchase an elastic waist band called a belly band (attractive sounding isn’t it?) just so I can wear my pants. And here is why:

Month and a half

I don’t fit into most of my pants now. I can get by with my lowest and loosest slacks, but even they are a little unpleasant after a while.  So now I can run around with my jeans unzipped, and my pants won’t fall off. It’s pretty awesome I have to say!

To compare here is a photo of me last week:

Tight as I could hold my tummy then.

At this rate I am going to be roughly the size of a whale in about a month. =)