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Christmas baking, and a return from the dead.

Sorry it’s been so long since I blogged. I’ve been a complete zombie up until this week.
I wasn’t accomplishing ANYTHING, and therefore had nothing to talk about! But it’s better now. I don’t feel like a real person all the time, but I’m feeling like a real person more frequently.
It’s ironic really, since I haven’t been able to sleep properly for a few weeks now. I was doing OK without the tummy sleeping, but only because I was able to sleep on my back. Now that both of those options are gone I have to sleep directly on my side, and it is killing my not so awesome back. But needing less sleep is helping with that because I can keep moving more hours out of the day.
I spent all last weekend in the kitchen, and it was awesome!
I made cookies and fudge, and my very favorite thing to make at Christmas time, homemade marshmallows!!!

They are amazing, and I look forward to having the good homemade ones every Christmas now.
My personal favorite thing to do is have them with our usual berries and chocolate fondue. Ah-freaking-mazing.
I made a couple things for the first time this year. The first was white chocolate dipped red licorice. Not only does it look like Christmas, but it’s so stinking sweet you won’t even know what hit you! We had them earlier this year in Sun Valley, and loved them. The ones I made are just as good, and they are way cheaper than the Chocolate shop’s version =)


This is round two because the husband ATE all of the first batch. =)


Speaking of the husband, I am going to drag him out to play in the snow this week, and we will go find all the good Christmas lights. I here there are some houses in town with light shows synchronized to music…Pretty hard core.


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Bellies and Thanksgiving giddiness.

I’ve been having a good week. Exhausted beyond function most days, but good. I discovered that the baby has probably grown almost 2 inches in the last 2-3 weeks. That would explain why I can’t get enough to eat, and why I could sleep at any point during the day. And do, might I add.

I also discovered that I’m not eating enough. In the first trimester you are suppose you increase you calorie intake by about 200 a day. Throughout the second and third trimesters you are suppose to eat a solid 300 more calories a day. I figured it out yesterday and I apparently stayed even or dropped calories during the first trimester because I wasn’t hungry and my stomach would only accommodation half a meal at a time without making me feel like crap for 2 or more hours. And I had been thinking I was doing good because I was eating more frequently. And now that I really am suppose to be eating that 300 calories I am finding it hard to accomplish. I get really hungry, but there aren’t a lot of things I like to eat, and sadly most of that is fruit or breads. Protein is a daily battle for me (one that I am fighting with peanut butter =) ). I found a new snack the other day via a fellow preggo that I hadn’t even though of. Apples slices dipped in peanut butter. A-freaking-mazing!!! If I use gobs of peanut butter that alone should bring me up to the proper level, and I will love doing it!

In the mean time, my belly doesn’t seem to have any issues growing. I am still hanging steady at my pre-preggo weight, but I am hoping to start gaining around 1lb a week.

I don't even know why it's so huge already.

The baby is only 3-4 inches long at this point. What the heck is the rest of this I ask you?

I am incredibly giddy about Thanksgiving as well. I can not wait for my company to show up and for us to cook, eat, and laugh all day! It’s making me all twittery inside just planning and preparing for their arrival.


So much yumminess to come.