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And we have baby #2!


The little lady was born 1 day past her due date. Daddy spent all day Christmas day begging me to go into labor. He thought it would be fantastic to get to have her on Christmas. I was really trying for Christmas Eve, but it turns out that you can’t force this sort of thing (unless you go get drugs at the hospital…and from what I hear those things are just miserable).

It's the burrito bebe!

It’s the burrito bebe!

But after impatient days of waiting, we finally got to see our little bundle of love! 40 weeks is a long freakin’ time to have to wait to see your baby. Just so you know.

And brother was SO excited to get to come see his baby:

He was giggling a wiggling like we had just given him his very own monkey. Which we kind of did...

He was giggling a wiggling like we had just given him his very own monkey. Which we kind of did…

During the days of inpatient waiting before she was born, I started another crochet project. I only got about half way done before I had her, and having two hands free for anything more than a few minutes to get food on the table is sort of a lost concept around here. So here is the link to the pattern I started. And I am LOVING how it’s turning out. Pretty easy too! I am using grey as the basic color as well, but for the contrasts I picked Rose, Pink, Teal, and Light Blue. I am crazy excited for when it will fit her next fall!



And that’s it for now! Hopefully things settle in soon and I will be able to finish this project, and maybe a few more. For now, I must get back to newborn snuggles, and possibly grab a hand full of food to consume.

So long!


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The fuzziest.

My little man LOVES soft fuzzy things. He curls up on the floor and just rubs his face on every soft fuzzy blanket we have. My husband got a Sherpa blanket for Christmas and the little boy promptly absconded with it.

When I went to make him a winter hat and gloves I let him pick out the yarn. Granted I had to oversee this since he was strapped in the cart to prevent complete mayhem in the craft department, but he picked this yarn all the same.

It’s called RedHeart Buttercup yarn, and it was the softest yarn in the store. Also, by far the most annoying yarn in the world to work with. You can’t see stitches, and you certainly can’t follow a pattern with this stuff. But I muddled through and make him a hat, gloves, and socks (his favorite thing in the world right now) for the nasty winter that is to come.

Here he is running around the house with them on.

He calls the gloves socks ("hots") as well, and likes to fish his fingers out of the holes between the stitches so he can grab stuff while he wears them.

He calls the gloves socks (“hots”) as well, and likes to fish his fingers out of the holes between the stitches so he can grab stuff while he wears them.

photo (7)I don’t really recommend purchasing this yarn for a project that requires specific instructions be followed. But it sure is delightfully cozy if you can get it worked together!

Just as a little bonus at the end, here is little man helping mama make baby sisters dress

Crochet hook in hand!

Crochet hook in hand!

He climbed all the way up on the table by himself to get to crochet hook (which he calls a pen) and set to work without delay.

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And now I am back. Hopefully for good.

Brand-spanking-new computer over here! And I am loving it! After nearly three months without one it feels like a whole new world out here. Thank goodness I had my iPod to get me by, but it’s difficult at best to write a short note to someone, and impossible to blog.

One very good thing that came from the time without a larger distraction was how VERY much work I did getting an inventory of Dragons made. I was able to decide on a final pattern, get my production up to speed, and churn out quite a number. I was elated by the progress I made,and the sustainability of the work load.

photo (1)This is a poor shot, but gives insight into the new and (I hope) improved Dragons.

In other news, my little baby is getting bigger! He is crawling about and climbing stairs, and has even taken a few steps by himself. He jabbers non-stop (he gets that from his mummy), and is perfectly content to play by himself most days. He recently figured out that edges are not just for charging over at full speed (thank the good Lord for self preservation instincts.). Perfect timing since he can get all the way up the stairs on his own…


As I had mentioned before, I spend a great deal of time at the end of last year making all most all of my Christmas presents. I definitely made more this time than I had ever done before, but I felt a lot of pressure on my time, and was pretty stressed out there for a while.

I am missing some of the pictures, but here are a few of the infinity scarves I made:

photo (2)

Once again, not a great photo. They were fun to make, and I used some different stitches than I had previously tried. All in all it was pretty fun!

My goal for next year is to be more prepared and finish things ahead of time so that I can enjoy the season and not be so tired. The lesson for me? Plan ahead.


Christmas and Craftiness

I have been crafting up a storm over here! But you can’t see any of it until AFTER CHRISTMAS.
I am very excited to announce that 90% of my presents are homemade this year! I really think that is a record for me!
I have always loved making gifts, but since expanding the kinds of crafts I do, I have been able to practically eliminate store bought gifts.
I dearly love giving presents, and by making most of them I have been able to keep my cost lower, and thusly, give more.

There are some Dragon’s involved, and other crochet items, and my first attempts at homemade ornaments! I am making three different kinds, and I am very excited about them all.

Prior to Christmas gift making I did start working an making a few pairs of pants for myself. My favorite slacks were biting the dust, so I took them apart and used them as a pattern for some new ones!

All pinned and read to cut!

All pinned and read to cut!

I was quite displeased with the first ones I made (pictured here), but the second ones turned out alright and I wear them regularly. I have two more that I want to make, then I will show you the progression. All in all I think it’s going to be great for me. I have a very hard time finding slacks that I like, and now I can make indefinite pairs that should fit perfectly.

I really need to find some more awesome plaid to make another pair like the originals though. I loved my funky pants!

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I live!

It’s been a long absence from my blog, but I am attempting a come back now!
My little one is currently trying to take a nap in his bouncy chair. I say trying because he is not a fan of having to sleep by himself, but he is so tired that he is doing it anyway. And I am taking a few moments to work on my latest project with BOTH hands ;), a rare treat for me!
I am loving motherhood! Babies are awesome (and exhausting). I love watching baby Drake figure things out (even when it’s him figuring out how to make me hold him all day and all night. My child? Yes, yes he is.). It’s amazing to see them becoming whole people, watch him try to communicate with me, and get to see him smile for the first time. The other day he started trying to talk back to me when I was playing with him. He worked pretty hard to get those noises out!

Surprised baby is surprised!

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My confession of a less than perfect parent: All the yummy candy!

This post was written for inclusion in the May blog carnival hosted by One Fit Mom. Today, participants share their funny, honest and even poignant confessions of how they are less-than-perfect parents (or parents-to-be). Please read to the end of the post to see the full list of links to other carnival submissions.

I eat pretty healthy most of the time. I love fruits and garden fresh veggies, eat a good amount of protein, I avoid fast food (except burgers…I love big juicy hamburgers), and crave salads on a regular basis. I feel better if I eat better, so it’s never been hard to convince me to eat my carrots. I have especially been good since I got pregnant at the end of last summer. I’ve eaten well balanced meals, came up with good snacks to take to work that were high in vitamins, protein, and other such nutrients, and generally avoided refined flours (it helped that they didn’t taste good the first half of my pregnancy)
I also happen to like sugar, but since there is no food value at all, I restricted sugar for occasional desserts, where I feel it should be. and honestly I spent more time craving a glass of wine than anything sweet (Not that I would complain if it came with a bar of salted dark chocolate…).
Now, having said that: I have eaten more candy in the last month than in the previous YEAR.
It’s true, and I’m not done yet. I want Smarties, Runts, Necco’s, Nerds, and the list goes on. Milk shakes are my BFF, and peanut M&M’s are the new standard for work snacks with protein. Pure sugary goodness is all I want.
Now, I still try to get as much protein as I can (while only being able to eat about 3 bites of anything at a time). I would eat steak 3 times a day if our budget would allow it. Eggs and cheese are still high on the list too, but the days of healthy snacks between meals have vanished over the last month.
I’m tired of making myself food, and I just want a bowl of ice cream.
The best guilt trip I’ve found was in one of my pregnancy books: “Now just because it’s your last trimester, don’t give up on eating well!” That is, ironically, exactly what I’ve done.
I try to curb my desire to simply down a bag of potato chips with a nice cold coke, but being in labor (albeit early stages) for weeks will suck your willpower to go make those eggs every morning, and fry up those veggies for your afternoon snack. And honestly I just sit there sometimes and wish I wasn’t hungry for once so I didn’t have to go make food, and I could just ignore it like I use to. Now I have to plan enough snacks throughout the day that I don’t get weak or queasy.
Fortunately the child will be here any day now, and I promise I will jump back on the healthy wagon. But for now, I’m going to go eat some cookies, and maybe have a glass of chocolate milk.

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I wanna buy new clothes.

My wardrobe is in sad shape. And by sad shape I mean SAD SHAPE. It’s about 2 years over due for an overhaul, and the future is not looking bright for it. I have practically nothing that doesn’t look and feel like it’s falling apart, and non of it matches or is the style I like now.
I had talked to husband about doing a serious revamp once I got a job, and he thought it was a great idea. Unfortunately the job didn’t happen until I was already preggo, so there really is little sense in buying new clothes now.

And so my wardrobe sits. Horribly warn and full of holes. I removed all of the unwanted clothing from  my closet because I just didn’t want to see it anymore, (I chose not to throw it out just yet, since I will have an awkward phase after baby and before I will be able to wear my favorites again.) but it practically left me with nothing.

Instead of actually buying the clothes, I’ve been Pinning a board with the style and cuts I want. This way I will be able to find the things that I like, but won’t be spending money on things I won’t be able to wear anyway!

I especially like this one:

And I can’t wait to add some sweater dresses. Like this:

I have seriously been considering buying the shoes I want before I am done. I figure those don’t change sizes like the rest of me is. What do you think?

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