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I’m doin’ the happy dance!

This is me right now 

I am done with my second job!!! SQUEE!!!

I celebrated my first day off in weeks by making homemade chili, and picking apples for canning. I also washed my dishes and did the laundry JUST because I could. It was so nice to be home and not have to leave. And being able to end it by eating a home cooked meal was the icing on the cake. I missed good food!

I am very excited for this up and coming weekend when I will have 3 or 4 days off and really be able to get caught up around here. There will be some presents mailed, and some cookies made! Booyah!

And so in parting,

I had to buy new pants finally.

Just to much belly now.


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Just a funny.

My friend over at sent this to me yesterday, and I thought I should share it.

Anyway, it’s another 4 days before I have a day off, and it will only be my second day off since I got my jobs over a month ago (The other one was spent at the Dr. not being able to eat all day and having my blood taken by a bunch of vampires).

But, a week from today will be my last at my other job, and I will have 3 days off a week! Perhaps I will get my projects going again, and maybe even make dinner (There has been a serious lack of good food around this place, and I can’t wait to remedy it)!  I found this awesome blog: I’m not sure if I love the name more or some of the food they come up with.

Until next time!!!

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All work and no play.

I’m afraid it’s been a very busy week and a half. I’ve worked everyday since I started, and I’m not sure if there will be an end in sight.
Aside from being tired at the end of the day =), it’s really been quite enjoyable. I’m working early mornings again, but the job is interesting and I’m up and moving around (which helps me stay awake). I also have a very nice boss and some fun co-workers who immediately included me.
The down side is, I have no energy to do even little tasks when I get home. So grocery shopping and other errands will just have to wait for another day. Possibly one I don’t work.
I had to purchase an elastic waist band called a belly band (attractive sounding isn’t it?) just so I can wear my pants. And here is why:

Month and a half

I don’t fit into most of my pants now. I can get by with my lowest and loosest slacks, but even they are a little unpleasant after a while.  So now I can run around with my jeans unzipped, and my pants won’t fall off. It’s pretty awesome I have to say!

To compare here is a photo of me last week:

Tight as I could hold my tummy then.

At this rate I am going to be roughly the size of a whale in about a month. =)